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Fails [Link]

Why the U.S. Are Not Building a Death Star

The U.S. government lists a bunch of reasons why building a real Death Star isn't "on the ...

5 years ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 1499 / LINK
Fails [Gadget]

Chinese Inventor Tests His "Arch" Jackass Style

The arch can hold 3 people, 1 year worth of food and water and three weeks worth of oxygen, ...

5 years ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 1334 / LINK
Fails [Link]

Goerge Bush's Decapitated Head in HBO's Game if Thrones

In the commentary to Game of Thrones, the makers officially admit that this is the head ...

6 years ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 2463 / LINK
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