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Tech & Gadgets [Gadget]

Hard Drive Powered by DNA

What if we could store our movies and music on a DNA hard drive? Well, we are only one decade away from storing a byte in DNA. Then, probably, ...

5 years ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 1848 / LINK
Tech & Gadgets [Gadget]

Bluetooth Tracking

Never lose your stuff again! Stick Bluetooth trackers to keys, luggage, electronics, pets, and more!

3 years ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 1377 / LINK
Tech & Gadgets [Video]

Domino's Pizza DVD

Get now your own Domino's Pizza DVD that smells and looks like a pizza after being played. Is Domino's Pizza just as artificial? I do not hope so :D

5 years ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 1514 / LINK
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