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Another Thing Nobody Needs [Image]
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All the Ways You Can Use the Word Shit

We use the word "shit" in all situations in our daily life. This chart depicts in how many ways this lovely word can be used.

shit chart added by Marco
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Another Thing Nobody Needs [Image]

All Water Bound in One Sphere

Ever wondered how much water there actually is on our planet? Some artists asked exactly this questions and the picture you can see here is their ...

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Another Thing Nobody Needs [Video]

Why Some Infinities Are Bigger Than Others

Infinity is not equal to infinity. Here is a mathematical proof why :D

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Another Thing Nobody Needs [Image]

Most Detailed LEGO Hogwarts

Take a look at the person to get an impression of the sheer size of this 400.000-brick LEGO project!

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Another Thing Nobody Needs [Link]

The Rap Board

Listen to your favourite rappers sayin' things. Perfect as ringtones xD

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Another Thing Nobody Needs [Link]


Experience an entirely new way of watching YouTube videos! DO NOT throw up :D

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