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World Wide Web [Link]
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TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

TED launched the beta version of its brand new site TED-Ed. The sites teaches anyone with simple animations some of the most complex problems/theories there are.
Already at this point, TED-Ed uploaded more than 60 educational movies on TED-Ed or its Youtube channel.
Definitely worth checking out!

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World Wide Web [Link]


KnowEm tracks down all the sites you've registered a username. Also check out on how to delete accounts you don't need anymore.

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World Wide Web [Link]

Send Tons of Mails to an Email Address

With Mailbait, you can send tons of mails to an email address of your choice. Whether you ...

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World Wide Web [Link]


Paletton lets you enter a color and gives you a palette of colors you can combine with the one you entered. A great help for frontend developers ...

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World Wide Web [Link]

Blocked In China?

With blockedinchina.net you can check whether a website is blocked in china or not!

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World Wide Web [Link]


Readsy is a free web service that makes speed reading or focusing on any online article or web site easy. Just paste in the text or the URL, ...

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