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A Guide to Deserving Better!

Welcome Internet!

My name is Marco, and it is with great pleasure that I present to you Deserving Better.
This site is not what you expected, or so far encountered on the internet, and it is definitely not what you are accustomed to encounter!

Deserving Better is a collection. A collection that aims to list, evaluate, discuss and indulge in every single object, gadget, website, hack and other crazy stuff on and off line that's worthy of having our attention.
What puts a distance between Deserving Better and other sites created for the same or a similar purpose, is that this site (apart from the wonderful design and the great community which is hopefully soon going to flourish here) has a certain standard. If some content is not enough badass, awesome or interesting for us, we kick it out. We try to be the most arrogant and judging, however fair, community on the web and we hope that you are going to join and help us!
Unlike various similar websites on the web, Deserving Better is strictly against censorship. Everything shall have a chance to be seen by as many people as possible. On this site, nothing will be censored, as long as it has a sufficient amount of style and is good enough for us. If a certain content does not or not anymore fulfil our high standards, we can decide to delete the content in question by hitting the Lacks Style link, available for every content and comment. As Deserving Better forces nobody to register, it is possible to add content and comments within seconds, no registration required. This also means that it lies in the anonymous user's responsibility to only post stuff that amounts to the expectations of our userbase (which do not include anything lawless, i.e. racism, child pornography etc).
At this point, I'm distancing myself from any content that may offend the law.

Deserving Better can be used to share things and to find new stuff. You can also use it as a blog (poeple can follow you). The site is supposed to be a distributor that distributes users away from this site to our wonderful world. Nonetheless I hope, that Deserving Better will, above all, always serve as a worthy waster of your expensive time!

Another point I probably have to mention here is the strong language you are going to encounter during your strolls through the world of Deserving Better. This language is not meant offensive. It is simply an example of our anti-censorship-policy.

Based in Switzerland, I hope to be able to maintain this policy, no matter what you post.

And now, nerds and normal people, coders and consumers,


PS: I coded some easter eggs! Go, find, post and enjoy them, and please: SPREAD THE WORD!

PPS: This site is still very young. I'm going to consider EVERY idea you send, and I'm going to repair EVERY bug you find as fast as possible. Just use the contact link at the bottom. Thanks a lot!

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