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Things of Interest / How-To [Link]
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JavaScript MESS

Imagine every computer that ever existed, in your browser.
The JAVASCRIPT MESS project is a porting of the MESS emulator, a program that emulates hundreds of machine types, into the Javascript language. The MESS program can emulate (or begin to emulate) a majority of home computers, and continues to be improved frequently. By porting this program into the standardized and cross-platform Javascript language, it will be possible to turn computer history and experience into the same embeddable object as movies, documents, and audio.

We have a long way to go, but this open beta is now available.

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Things of Interest / How-To [Video]

Hacking Tip: Hide Secret Files In Plain Sight

This video shows you how to hide files in plain sight.

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Things of Interest / How-To [Link]


Simple wireframe tool.

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Things of Interest / How-To [Video]

Time-Lapse Earth

Stunning video of the earth. Taken from the international space station.

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Things of Interest / How-To [Image]

Anatomical Drawing of the Hulk’s Skull and Musculature

Interesting and incredibly nice drawing of the anatomical order underneath the Hulk's skin.

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