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Things of Interest / How-To [Video]
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Auror's Tale

Harry Potter goes into the next round. This is an amazingly cool and high-quality fan artwork coming this summer. I hope neither JK Rowling nor Warner Bros. will stop them.

"New York City is a battlefield. Dark magic rules the underworld. The NYC Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DMLE) is the only line of defense. Hawthorne is the force's newest recruit and the dark criminals' latest threat. Plunging into the nightmare that his occupation offers, he makes quick enemies of the most depraved wizard gang in America: the ever violent, ever twisted Hellhounds. AUROR'S TALE chronicles Hawthorne's tempestuous adventures."

Director Leo Kei Angelos teams up with screenwriter Cassandra Johnstone in this ground-breaking digital debut. The two die-hard Potter fans together will bring the underground wizarding world of New York City to life. A longtime dream of Angelos', he and his talented team now have the opportunity to express their love for the Harry Potter series through the art of film.

Red Phoenix Pictures is proud to present this edgy, action-packed web series that's a bold fantasy that Potter fans will love. It's the wizarding world as imagined by fans that grew up with the series, created for fans that grew up with the series. It's the magic of Potter as you have never seen it before: a high-speed, raw, and terrifically twisted ride.

And this summer, it begins.

AUROR'S TALE is a Leo Kei Angelos film, co-written for the web by Angelos and Cassandra Johnstone. It is produced by Angelos' production studio Red Phoenix Pictures as well as Angelo Lopez, Christopher Lopez and Jonathon Rosenthal.

TEASER CAST (in order of appearance): Angelo Lopez, Leo Kei Angelos, Tabetha Ray, Erika Rodgers, Morgan McGrath, Michael Lopez and Christopher Lopez.

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Things of Interest / How-To [Link]
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Things of Interest / How-To [Link]

A Beginner's Guide to Encryption

You've probably heard the word "encryption" a million times before, but if you still aren't ...

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Great Wall of China Twice as Long as Estimated!

New measurements show that the Great Wall of China is not the hitherto estimated 8,850km (5,500 ...

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Passport Index

Compare passports and see where you can go with or without a Visa.

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Simple wireframe tool.

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Things of Interest / How-To [Link]

Cubic Bezier

Easy cubic bezier curve generator.

7 months ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 370 / LINK
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