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Badass / WTF [Link]

First Quintuples Were Put in Zoo

What would you do if the first quintuples ever were born in YOUR country? Put them in a zoo, ...

6 years ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 1452 / LINK
Badass / WTF [Video]

The True Faith: Batmanism

Wanna hear a guy preaching Batmanism and how you should worship Batman? Listen to this or follow the Batman Preacher on Twitter!

6 years ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 1446 / LINK
Badass / WTF [Video]

DECAY: Zombie Apocalypse at the LHC

Watch the trailer for a zombie horror movie made by students at the LHC. Whatever it is, if ...

5 years ago / FY 0 / 0 IDB / 0 / 1550 / LINK
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